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GDP growth (annual %)


Qasa Consulting is a consulting firm with international standards offering three unique distinctive services: Research, Strategic Consulting, and also Business and Marketing Support Services. 

We establish a partnership with clients in order to identify market improvement opportunities through our state of the art research approach, thus pinpointing their most critical challenges through benchamarking, and transform the findings into market enhancement programs to gain a competitive edge in market competition.

QASA Market Updates
news update : 26 May 2015
Marketed Branchless Products, BTN Targetting 30.000 Agents Until End of 2015.

Jakarta. Following other state-owned banks, Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) soon to open branchless banking services.

news update : 01 April 2015
Food and Beverage Sectors are Still a Mainstay.

Capital Investment Coordinating Board projecting that food and beverage sector is still the backbone of the national investment growth this year.

Heavy Equipment
news update : 26 March 2015
Trakindo Estimating Growth by 11%.

PT Trakindo Utama estimating sales target of heavy equipment this year will grow about 11%.