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Potential computer market in rural area

Some vendors of processor and personal computer (PC) optimist with national computer market  in 2011.

Vice President Intel Semiconductor Asia Pacific Navin Shenoy said PC market in Indonesia was projected to grow more than 30 percent in this year and will grow rapidly in the next year.

There are six cities that will grow higher than Jakarta those are: Surabaya, Yogjakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, and Makasar.

PC market is growing parallel with broadband penetration because broadband will encourage economy and industry.

While netbook still dominate market. Channel Manager PC Department PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, Albert Susilo said national netbook market would keep growing in 2011.

In Indonesia netbook market has exceeded notebook market. Based on data from Association of Indonesia Computer Businessman PC and laptop penetration in Indonesia have just reached 4 percent of population or around 9,2 million units.

Ownership of computer in Indonesia is below the average of other countries in Asia Pacific.