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GDP growth (annual %)

QASA Market UpdatesSamples • Electronic
QASA Market Updates (SAMPLE)

Electronic industry needs investment US$800 millions.

Electronic sector in Indonesia needs investment around US$800 million per year between 2010 to 2014 to reach growth target at 8%-9%.

The US$800 million is used to increase  fabric capacity, new mechine, new mouldies installation, and initial research.

Director General of High Technology based Industry in Ministry of Industry Budi Dharmadi said that investment in electronic with digital and high technology based needed to push. Investment in electronic sector is expected to open job vacancies for 150,000 people.

Beside digital product, demand of household appliances such as washing mechine, air condition and TV are going to increase. Parallel, number of subscribers of state electricity company (PLN) also increases that can become a market opportunity.