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QASA Market Updates (SAMPLE)

PT Telkom is not only dominating national telecommunication market but also targeting remittance market. The company target market is 20% remittance market that called Delima or Delivery Money Access. Telkom has prepared its infrastructure and the product. Delima will be alternative method to deliver money for people who has not bank account.
Currently, there are 300 million remittance in Indonesia and it will be rising every year. At the beginning Telkom only targeted 20% of 300 million transactions in next three years. At the moment, remittance value from abroad to Indonesia has reached Rp 156 trillion every year, while domestic transaction is Rp 13 -14 trillion.
PT Telkom is working together with some partners to serve domestic and international remittance. Beside that the company also working with PT BNI and PT Bank Mandiri for clearing process.
Western Union and Money Gram are two players in this business.