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Nama LOTTE semakin dikenal semenjak dikaitkan dengan brand-brand Korea yang sedang menjadi trendsetter anak muda & usia produktif. Sudah banyak perusahaan afiliasi LOTTE group yang masuk di Indonesia meliputi Fast Food (Lotteria), Mall (Lotte Shopping Avenue), LOTTE Mart (dulu Makro), Logistic, Chemical, Advertising, Confectionery (biskuit, makanan ringan & permen) dan beberapa perusahaan lainnya.

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QASA Market Updates
  • Afghanistan is attempting to increase trading billateral and investment with Indonesia
  • UNCTAD: Dari Posisi 8, Indonesia Kini Posisi 4 Negara Tujuan Investasi
  • UNCTAD: From 8th Rank, Indonesia is at 4th position as an investment destination country
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  • QASA Market Updates • Updates • Automotive

    There is no impact over tsunami in Japan. Car market reached 225,000 units.

    Automotive market in Indonesia within the next 6 months is predicted to face a shortage following inefficient production of vehicle and spare parts manufacturer in Japan.

    Car sales may still be high this month. Yet, it is potentially shaken in the next month merely due to the stalled supply from Japan following the massive quake and tsunami on few weeks ago.

    Despite concern about the rising cost of auto financing and a possible lack of spare parts from Japan, motorcycle sales in Indonesia are forecast to grow 15 percent this year.

    Data from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) showed that eighteen foreign companies had submitted proposals for a combined investment of more than $900 million in Indonesia’s automotive industry

    Motor sales is targeted to reach 8,2 – 8,3 million units in 2011

    Imported engines and parts of scrapped cars from Singapore are becoming more popular in Indonesia, as mechanics and drivers increasingly see them as a good value for money

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