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Kesan pertama saat berbincang santai di sela waktunya yang padat, terlihat jelas Pak Pierre seorang yang gigih, cermat terhadap pekerjaan serta sangat care terhadap teamnya.

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QASA Market Updates
  • Afghanistan is attempting to increase trading billateral and investment with Indonesia
  • UNCTAD: Dari Posisi 8, Indonesia Kini Posisi 4 Negara Tujuan Investasi
  • UNCTAD: From 8th Rank, Indonesia is at 4th position as an investment destination country
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QASA Market Updates • Daily Updates

By looming subsidy cuts, it is expected to drive up demand for high-octane Pertamax fuel, the state oil and gas company Pertamina needed $2.5 billion to upgrade its refineries.

Asia will emerge as the world’s biggest aircraft market in 2029, accounting for a third of worldwide plane deliveries as the region’s growing middle class drives demand.

There is an increase in global property investment of at least 60% or US$310 billion (IDR2,725.83 trillion) during 2010, compared to the previous year.

Oil-based industries, particularly textile and textile products, are preparing to augment price following the jump in global crude oil price, which reached US$100 per barrel last week.

PT Semen Bosowa plans to invest US$300 million to elevate production capacity to 5 million ton annually in 2014, as domestic cement market remains potentially big.

2010, total advertising expenditure in Indonesia reached Rp 65 trillion and only 1% - 2% for online media.

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