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 Bpk Danang Widodo memberikan cenderamata kepada Bpk Mahesh Agarwal 

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QASA Market Updates
  • Afghanistan is attempting to increase trading billateral and investment with Indonesia
  • UNCTAD: Dari Posisi 8, Indonesia Kini Posisi 4 Negara Tujuan Investasi
  • UNCTAD: From 8th Rank, Indonesia is at 4th position as an investment destination country
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  • QASA Market Updates • Updates • Infrastructure

    Total private infrastructure investment in the energy sector, transport, and irrigation in 139 developing countries rose 6% to $ 107.5 billion during 2014.

    The government is preparing financing institutions, specifically to fund development projects, including industrial and agricultural support.

    Industrial land sales in the first quarter-2015 was smooth, developers are optimistic lego 500 hectares of land.

    Government may direct appoint to private.

    Invest in infrastructure includes construction, power plant, agriculture and mining

    Build 45 infrastructure projects in the Greater Jakarta area

    They viewed Indonesia as a country that promises to be an investment destination

    Indonesia is hoping that public-private partnership can help the country build new airports

    Joint Commission Meeting Indonesia-Russia agreed to improve economic agreement worth US$5 billion until 2014

    State port operator Pelindo II intends to build three new ports within two years

    Kuala Namu International Airport will be a major regional airport hub

    Cement consumption rose in the first quarter of 2012 to 26 million tons or 13 percent

    PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) prepares Rp 80 billion to build the General Aviation (GA) Terminal

    PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) plans to start the groundbreaking of an apron in Terminal 3 at Soekarno Hatta airport

    The transportation ministry is preparing to build and relocate a total of 45 airports

    PT Angkasa Pura I partners with Execujet Aviation Group (EAG) in developing a general aviation terminal for non-regular flights and private jets

    The State Investment Agency has loaned Rp 50 billion ($5.3 million) to help build the Amlapura craft market

    The government will include 30 PPP projects worth a total US$ 44.37 billion in its MP3EI program

    Educational software still has large market opportunities in Indonesia

    The ASEAN Infrastructure Fund (AIF) is set to aid member nations  with their infrastructure needs

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