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Nama LOTTE semakin dikenal semenjak dikaitkan dengan brand-brand Korea yang sedang menjadi trendsetter anak muda & usia produktif. Sudah banyak perusahaan afiliasi LOTTE group yang masuk di Indonesia meliputi Fast Food (Lotteria), Mall (Lotte Shopping Avenue), LOTTE Mart (dulu Makro), Logistic, Chemical, Advertising, Confectionery (biskuit, makanan ringan & permen) dan beberapa perusahaan lainnya.

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QASA Market Updates
  • Afghanistan is attempting to increase trading billateral and investment with Indonesia
  • UNCTAD: Dari Posisi 8, Indonesia Kini Posisi 4 Negara Tujuan Investasi
  • UNCTAD: From 8th Rank, Indonesia is at 4th position as an investment destination country
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    A number of local startup companies are creating strategic alliances with investors to generate the funds needed for business expansion and development of technological infrastructure

    According to the National Statistics Agency (BPS) the working population in Indonesia in February 2011 reached 111.3 million or rose by around 3.1 million compared to 108.2 million in August 2010

    IBM Indonesia targets to have a 20%-growth in product and service sales this year

    Indonesia and China cooperates in training as well as discussions on manpower issues in a bid to improve its Human Resources.

    Online advertising spending in Indonesia is predicted to reach US$ 150 million in the next five years.

    The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) is planning to improve the skills and competencies of the country’s workers ahead of the establishment of the ASEAN economic community in 2015.

    2010, total advertising expenditure in Indonesia reached Rp 65 trillion and only 1% - 2% for online media.

    Wedding animation film demands are getting higher and make animation market wider.

    Aircraft  maintenance (maintenance, repair and overhaul – MRO) in Indonesia is estimated will grow as the highest compared to other countries in Asia

    Mobile advertisement is targeted around Rp 9 trillion from total advertising industry

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