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Retail Updates

Launching of ASIA RETAIL COMMUNITY (ARC) during Indonesia Fest 2019 by @megaxpress Singapore

ARC is a collaboration NETASIA @netasia.biz with @retailcommunity Indonesia

Line up Sharing Session by The CEO
“Smart Farming 4.0”
Bapak Harry Kasuma Aliwarga (aka Bapak Kiwi Aliwarga),
CEO of UMG Myanmar, CEO of @pt_msmb @ritx_indonesia .

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QASA Market Updates
  • Afghanistan is attempting to increase trading billateral and investment with Indonesia
  • UNCTAD: Dari Posisi 8, Indonesia Kini Posisi 4 Negara Tujuan Investasi
  • UNCTAD: From 8th Rank, Indonesia is at 4th position as an investment destination country
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  • QASA Market Updates • Updates • Telecommunication

    eBay found out a huge potential in the Indonesian market. The world’s largest online marketplace was officially introduced in October through the partnership with plasa.com, an online store owned by Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom)

    Telecommunication service with CDMA based in Indonesia will keep growing because CDMA has complete application and bigger capacity with cheaper cost

    Smartphone market will be very competitive for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android based cellular beside Symbian based and other operating systems.

    Import of cellular is projected to increase  18% to become 50 million units. The biggest markets are new cellular users and user that want to add its cellular

    Firewall solution potentials to help online business and to enable company to save implementation cost

    Total internet kiosk in 5700 districts can be reached 20,000 business units this year

    Information villages are used for overcoming the lack of information about other regions in Indonesia

    Domestic software utilization is still low, it is only 20% from US$2 billion

    Only 20% - 40% from 197 million customers are connected to internet mobile

    There big opportunities in mobile commerce business that is in line with technology facility

    National mobile broadband service is predicted to grow significantly in 2011. Consumer has more choices.

    Currently, rural people in some islands can enjoy internet and telephone

    Based on data from International Data Corporation (IDC), in Indonesia  60 percent of Indonesians have simcards

    Mobile broadband market is growing rapidly in Indonesia. Telkomsel, XL and Indosat are trying to get as much as possible customers by offering special price, quality and speed.

    PT Telkom in corporation with SK Telecom established PT Melon Indonesia

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