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Retail Updates

Launching of ASIA RETAIL COMMUNITY (ARC) during Indonesia Fest 2019 by @megaxpress Singapore

ARC is a collaboration NETASIA @netasia.biz with @retailcommunity Indonesia

Line up Sharing Session by The CEO
“Smart Farming 4.0”
Bapak Harry Kasuma Aliwarga (aka Bapak Kiwi Aliwarga),
CEO of UMG Myanmar, CEO of @pt_msmb @ritx_indonesia .

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Shariah Research

Shariah research is new to us, as to any agency in Indonesia.  However, we have developed internal capabilities in handling syariah related marketing isssues by adding more resources and trained available resources with in depth shariah knowledge. We believe that Shariah marketing is not only a marketing complimented with Shariah, but Shariah has a significant role in marketing.


With the significant growth of Shariah-based institutions in recent years (i.e. Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market, Takaful, and other institutions), Qasa embarked in providing assistance mainly in segmenting, targeting and positioning for Shariah proposition, Shariah products and services in Indonesia. 


Qasa also aims at providing consumer insight in shariah product development process; it is because we believe that at the very end, consumers aspects should be taken into acount in developing the product.