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Retail Research

The Retail Research has been our signature of services since QASA was established back in 2002. We provide a holistic view on retail world, coupled with unparalleled service levels, and tools that help our clients to use information correctly to address specific business issues and make qualified decisions.


In QASA, we believe that winning retail/channel strategy is the results of ‘prerequisite’ understanding. As highlighted in the above model, we initiate the process by Channel Segmentation Study – to properly segment the channels based on solid underlying factors.


The result of this study will then feed into Channel Power Dynamics Study. In this study, we will identify factors contributing (and to what degree it’s effect) to the sales performance of your product in specific type of channels.


Ideally, the result of this study should then be combined with the result of Shopper Behavior Study – which will portray consumer purchase behavior within a given channel.

With these understandings, our clients are equipped to make better marketing/sales resource allocations according to each channel’s characteristic and dynamics to generate favorable and sustainable business results.