The Covid-19 Special Report: Say Goodbye to Comfort Zone

Widely exposed that Covid-19 pandemic has adverse impacts to the economy as a whole and has changed many aspects of human life. This challenging situation has put some industries in disadvantage position, a few in the advantage.

Consumers changed their behavior to adjust to the new normal. Industries should, therefore, review their business model, business process and the go-to-market strategy to make necessary adjustment with the new normal.

But questions with no obvious answers yet are: What behavioral changes took place? What changes will persist? How the changes calibrate the way the companies of various industries conduct business?

In this edition Qasa has outlined some apparent possible impacts that players in various industries should anticipate and, most importantly, outlined how Qasa could assist the companies to go through these challenging times.

STOP makes assumptions with false evidence. Get facts and Insights.


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Qasa Consulting has built its knowledge and networks the following rapidly changing industries.
We have developed capabilities in helping client comprehend the market and customers in various industries.
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