In order to grow further, a private company often takes strategic option to offer its shares to the public. Since the last 5 years Qasa with it strategic investment partner has provided assistance to companies from various industries to facilitate clients’ transition from private to public domain.



Service Qasa provides strategic advisory in the forms of procedures and activities for public offering of shares for clients to make best decision.

Our pre-IPO advisory services include the following:

  • Assessment of most profitable means of capital raising -- analyze the target capital markets.
  • Assessment of trends and key drivers of target capital market that may effect the public offering.
  • Conduct appraisal target company. This includes restructuring procedures, processes and the roles of management, costs, and risk analysis.
  • Business valuation in view of future business prospects and stock market multiples.
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the company and industry.
  • Adoption of measures to increase business value.


IPO Support Service

Qasa also provide ground supports to client to ease the roads to IPO.

Qasa also provide IPO Support service, which includes:

  • Arrange parties responsible for public offering.
  • Identify key potential investors/ventures capital.
  • Facilitate meetings and discussion with potential investors.
  • Facilitate roadshows and conduct business presentation on behalf of the company.


Our Strategic Partners :