Food service experienced high growth prior Covid-19 mainly stimulated by eating out, hang-out habits of various gathering occasions among young Indonesians.

The pandemic has changed the market landscape. Food service is severely impacted by the pandemic. Lately, we observed our favorite hang-out places closed down operation for they could not afford the adverse economic impacts.

Players of the industry is in wait and see the situation, some pivoting their business to serve home consumption. No one can predict for sure how the new normal landscape in food service will be, especially restaurant, café, bars and even traditional food stalls? None of us can prepare a good recovery plan without understanding possible changes in the consumer behavior.

Will the new normal change the hang-out habits? What occasions will stay and what occasions will be gone? How the industry should adjust their offerings for them to stay relevance?

Since Foodservice industry involve thousands of suppliers, how suppliers should adapt? Can  they rely on this channel for future growth? How they should change their channel mix?

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